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Home of The True Quality Import Cane Corso'sHome of The True Quality Import Cane Corso's

3 yr Health Guarantee & Contract



We Stand By The Health Of Our Puppies 

Cane Corso World Kennels 

Cane Corso International 

Show and Pet Quality HEALTH/HIP GUARANTEE 

Breeder/Seller certifies to the best of his knowledge that purchased puppy is healthy at the time of sale/shipment. Puppy will have at least 1 puppy vaccinations and a series 9\of de-worming’s before being released to purchaser. Puppy will also be given first round of heartworm prevention from Breeder. The Breeder/Seller will provide vaccination records. Validation of this guarantee requires that a State Licensed Veterinarian (DMV) examine this puppy within 48 hours of delivery/flight/pickup/possession/transfer, at Purchaser’s expense (or the use of the 30 day Free pet insurance provided by Breeder/Seller through Trupanion) If this puppy is determined to have a major health defect , he/she may be returned (within 48 hours only) to the Breeder/Seller for an exchange or refund only for the amount paid for the puppy at the Purchaser’s expense. Proof must be provided by the State Licensed Veterinarian to Breeder/Seller and validated by Breeder/Seller’s State Licensed Veterinarian.

In the event of the death of the puppy within 48 hours of purchase, a State Licensed Veterinarian must perform autopsy to determine the exact cause of the death at the Purchaser’s expense. The report from the autopsy must be provided to Breeder/Seller’s State Licensed Veterinarian for review. At that time if it is determined to have had a major health defect resulting in the death of said puppy a new puppy or refund with be released. If the puppy is found to have a major defect after 48 hours and it is validated by the buyers and sellers State Licensed Veterinarian Seller will exchange the purchased puppy/dog for the new puppy of equal value minus shipping or transportation cost. Seller or Breeder guarantees puppies free from Hip Dysplasia for the first 3 years of his/her life. Breeder/Seller will not pay to Veterinarian bills either full or partial. Hip Dysplasia falls under major defect guidelines mentioned above the guarantee and will have to be validated by both buyers and sellers DVM. Once verified Seller/Breeder will exchange dog/ puppy for a new puppy or dog of equal value.  Purchaser must also provide puppy with a Hip and Joint Care supplement for at least the 1st year of pup’s life or the guarantee is voided. Hip and Joint Care supplement receipts will be required to show proof supplements have been previously purchased to help the puppy grow correctly. This guarantee does not cover: Hypoglycemia, Coccidiosis, Giardia, Hernias, Weight/Height/Head Circumference, Ears Standing/Overbite, Breeding ability, Or any other standards of this puppy. 





Registration and Sales Agreement 

I am purchasing a Cane Corso puppy with limited registration

The Cane Corso is AKC and ICCF registerable 

I am paying a total of $4000 for puppy born ________  

I have paid the non refundable deposit/reserve amount of $1000

Remaining Balance of $3000 paid by 6 weeks of age 

(All pups over age 6 weeks must be paid in full no refunds) Full Refund will be made available to the buyer if the puppy does not meet health guarantee stated above.

Buyer is paying $500 for (optional) ear cropping

Buyer is paying $500 for shipping puppy

Cane Corso World Kennels agrees the puppy will ready for pick up/shipping/delivery by 9 weeks of age.



Once puppy has left the Breeder/Seller’s hands (Breeder/Seller is not responsible for: Immunity level, Mites ~ Fleas ~ Ticks, Pneumonia (PNA), Mange, Heatstroke, Ringworm, Conjunctivitis, Ear infections, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy.

Purchaser is responsible for keeping puppy away from contaminated areas, out of the heat and cold as well as drafty areas. The Breeder/Seller is not responsible for any Veterinarian bills the purchaser may incur regarding puppy. Guarantee is to be considered “Not Valid” if puppy/Dog/Bitch is sold to a third party. 


Breeder/Seller Certifies that this puppy was bred in accordance with

 ___x__  International Cane Corso Federation (ICCF)

 ___x____   American Kennel Club  (AKC)

In regards to all registration requirements for Purebred dogs. Breeder/Seller has made application to the AKC. Litter registration and individual papers will be provided to Purchaser within sixty days of puppy being picked up/delivered/shipped or final payment has been deemed Paid in Full. 

This puppy is being sold with:        Full _____              Limited ___x___  registration 

Please refer to the ICCF,AKC or selected registration website for full definition of these terms. Both types of registration will permit this dog to participate fully in approved competition; the “limited registration” denies registration privileges to any offspring of this dog and is the Breeder/Sellers confirmation that this dog is intended as a family pet only and not for breeding. Refund will be made available to the buyer if puppy does not meet health guarantee stated above . Buyer may only switch to an upcoming litter if they are not ready for the puppy for any reason or can't complete the payment by 6 weeks.


The purchaser is responsible for any shipping fees and crates needed to deliver puppy safely to new home. If shipping or delivery is arranged, payment must be paid in full a minimum of 21 days before shipment or delivery. If purchaser plans to pick up the puppy, final payment must be made in cash or wire transfer to Bank of America or Us Bank : Cane Corso Life International LLC 14 days prior to pick up of puppy. Pay Pal and Credit Cards will not be accepted for final payment. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Purchaser will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the dog if: Purchaser fails to complete the purchase of the dog for any reason, or Purchaser fails to pay the final balance of the purchase price within 14 days of the puppy being 8 weeks old of age. 

The Breeder/Seller does not guarantee any specific color of puppy. The Purchaser who is receiving a companion limited registration puppy does have the option to move to a different litter up to 3 times if they do not see the color preference. The Purchaser must advise breeder by email within 7 days of litter being born if purchaser wishes to transfer reserve (Pet Only) 

The Breeder/Seller only opens 2 spots available per litter for Show/Breed reserves. There is no way to pick out a show puppy by color. The puppy will only be picked by structure and show potential confirmation. The purchaser with full registration must agree to not breed puppy until at least 2 years of age and OFA or Pin Hip, Elbow and heart certification. The purchaser must also agree to not breed puppy unless he or she has either earned a working or confirmation title from a recognized Kennel Club or the Dog/Bitch who was chosen to breed with has a working or confirmation title from a recognized Kennel Club. 

The purchaser also agrees to put ‘CORSO WORLD” on all registration preceding the puppies name showing recognition to CANE CORSO WORLD for whelping the puppy.  If no confirmation is met or health considerations aren’t met the purchaser agrees not to breed puppy.  If the purchaser breeds puppy without agreement being met the Purchaser agrees to pay $3500.00 usd for every offspring produced from the puppy purchased from Breeder/Seller.  If puppy is put into show or working and does not earn enough points to champion out based off of show appearance confirmation the breeder will switch out the puppy for a new puppy at no charge except for travel and crop (optional) expenses no sooner than 2 years of age. Breeder/ Seller recommends neutering (males) and Spaying ( Females) unless puppy is to be shown as a show competitor or if health considerations require otherwise. Altered dogs live a healthier life and generally have fewer behavioral problems. 

Puppies sold with “limited registration” are not to be bred at all. 

If puppy is not paid by completely by 6 weeks of age the total deposit/reserve amount is forfeited and the undersigned purchaser relinquishes any claim to puppy. The Breeder/Seller agrees to maintain the animal in good health until claimed by the purchaser. 

Buyer agrees that if for any reason they are unable to keep their puppy/dog and are unable to find he/she a fit home buyer will relinquish the dog and all rights to it back to seller/CaneCorsoWorldKennels and will NEVER place the dog in a Humane Society/ Animal Shelter or rescue willingly without consulting the breeder or Cane Corso World Kennels first to arrange placement.

 Seller/Breeder agrees to take puppy back or place puppy dog in fit home minus monetary compensation. Buyer agrees that when registering the puppy microchip they will place the microchip in both sellers name and buyers name in case the puppy becomes lost, impounded or relinquished seller has the right to pick up puppy from any shelter, rescue, or person who has found the puppy/dog/bitch or that the puppy has been relinquished to. 

If purchaser chooses to have the pups ears cropped prior to pick up. Breeder/Seller is not responsible for care or infection occurring after a 24 hour period. If ears do become infected within 24hours Breeder/Seller will exchange for another puppy. Breeder/Seller will not pay any Veterinarian bills. Ear crop payment must be made when puppy is picked out no later than week 5. This way by week 8 the puppy is fully healed and ready to go home to their forever home. 

The purchaser has 24 hours from pick up/delivery of puppy and/or time of flight for shipped puppies to activate ‘Free 30 day trial of Pet insurance “ or an insurance of their choice( Only California Residents). The free insurance is provided by Owner/Breeder through Trupanion. If the purchaser lives outside of California and fails to register the “Free 30 days” the pet health guarantee will be considered null and void. Purchasers within California may purchase an insurance of their choice for the first month of ownership. We strongly advise keeping your puppy insured throughout it’s lifetime